Welcome to Georgia's newest and most fiscally responsible political party, the Capitalist Party of Georgia.

The Capitalist Party of Georgia realizes that wealth and freedom go hand in hand. Capitalism is the engine that drives America and freedom is the fuel. As Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman so eloquently put it, "Economic freedom is also an indispensable means toward the achievement of political freedom." That means your freedom to acquire wealth, however you define it, is absolutely necessary if you are to be truly free of government dependence. But sadly, the two major political parties in America don't fully appreciate that simple truth.

The Capitalist Party of Georgia wants to offer the people of Georgia an alternative to the two major political parties who are entrenched in such a bureaucratic government mindset, that they can no longer proclaim a credible belief in smaller, less intrusive government, much less implement such an agenda.

The Capitalist Party of Georgia can and will implement an agenda that gives you the freedom to succeed by tearing down the political walls that government builds on a daily basis to deny or restrict your economic freedom. We want America to be the best in everything, but that can only occur if you, not government, are empowered with the political freedom to achieve economic freedom and independence.